Our Floritam comes from clean certified breeder fields !!!

Floratam St.Augustine

Floratam Grass is a variety of St. Augustine and was released by the University of Florida and Texas A&M University in 1973 for its resistance to the chinch bug and St. Augustine Decline (SAD) disease. In the hot sunny climates of the south Floratam St. Augustine grows the best. Floratam St. Augustine grass is a coarse, fast spreading variety of turf that is best suited in full sun areas. Its thick growing nature keeps weeds in check with proper maintenance. Floratam flourishes in our high temperature summers making it the ideal choice for most Texas homes.


  • Drought tolerant grass
  • Thick coarse texture
  • Bluish-green blades 
  • Grows quickly in hot climates.
  • The thick growth is helpful in choking out weeds
  • Resistant to chinch bugs 
  • Thrives best in sunny locations
  • Requires at least 1" of water a week 
  • Does best with low foot traffic.  
  • Grows best when mowed at a height of 3″ to 4″ — the higher the better.